Faculty and Staff

Being gifted themselves, our faculty and staff understand our students' needs!

Throughout the years, our faculty has graduated from top tier colleges and universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Penn, Columbia, Wellesley, Washington University, Wesleyan, Vanderbilt, Emory, Colgate, University of Virginia, University of Michigan, University of North Carolina, New York University, Brandeis, Furman, University of California San Diego, University of Illinois, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Our faculty has taught at Yale, Penn, Brown, Michigan, Purdue, Indiana University, University of California Santa Barbara, U.S. Army, Northern Kentucky University, University of Toledo, Miami University and the University of Cincinnati.

The faculty includes gifted adults who are experienced teachers, subject specialists, and practitioners in their fields of expertise, many of whom are currently teaching at local universities.



Dr. Sandra Kelly-Schilling

B.A.,M.P.A., J.D., University of Cincinnati

Head of School


Stacey Shoemaker

B.S., Ambassador University
M.A., University of Cincinnati

Administrative Assistant

Jane Burke

B.S., Mount St. Joseph University

Administrative Assistant


Michelle Balestra

B.B.A., University of Cincinnati

Administrative Assistant


Jon Applebee

B.S., Webster College

Elective Teacher


Cesar Arellano

A.A., Universidad Central, Quito, Ecuador
A.S., Xavier University

Elective Teacher (Spanish)


Dr. Paul Bowen

B.A., M.A., Northern Illinois University Ph.D., Yale University

Upper School Core Teacher


June Brandon

B.S., Southern Unversity
M.S., A&M College

Elective Teacher


Dr. Susan Farber

B.A., Queens College
M.A., City University of New York
M.Ed., Bank Street College of Education, NY
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Elective Teacher (French)


Atsuko Fatica

B.S., University of Rio Grande
M.Ed., Xavier University

Core and Elective Teacher (Japanese)


Dr. Douglas Frank

B.A., Westmont College
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Math and Science Department Chair

Core and Elective Teacher


Rick Heflin

B.A., M.A., University of Cincinnati

Literature and History Department Chair

Core and Elective Teacher

Beth Hill

Beth Hill

B.S., University of Cincinnati

Elective Teacher (Latin)


Cathy Hollander

A.B., Washington University in St. Louis
M.A., University of Cincinnati
M.B.A., Xavier University

Elective Teacher (Creative Writing)


Emily Kelly

B.S., Northern Kentucky University

Core and Elective Teacher

Terri Lustig

B.A., University of Redlands

Lower School Core Teacher
Administrative Assistant

Keith Lustig

B.S., Michigan State University

Core Teacher


Dr. Alistair (Zig) Main

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. University of Oxford, UK
P.G.C.E. University of Newcastle, UK

Core and Elective Teacher

Maria Mann

B.S., Cedarville University

Core & Elective Teacher


Roberta McCullough

B.A., University of Cincinnati

Core Teacher


Krissy McWhorter

B.S., Sinclair Community College

Elective Teacher (Sign Language)


Megan Meehan-Dorr

B.A., University of Cincinnati

Elective Teacher


Sabitha Pandit

B.S., M.A., Bangalore University

Core Teacher


Ling Peng

B.S., Ginzhou Normal University

Elective Teacher (Chinese)

Ken Sayers

M.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology

B.S., Florida State University

Elective Teacher

Vicki Stockmann

B.A., M.A., Ball State University

M.A. Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat, Munster, Germany

Elective Teacher (German)


Trisha Wagner

B.A., University of Louisville

Elective Teacher (Spanish)