What our students say... James, Schilling class of '10, Carnegie Mellon class of '14- "Schilling has been a major part of my life for nearly a decade and I would not give the experience up for the world.  As iron in a forge, I have been shaped in a myriad of ways by my time here, socially, mentally, and physically.  I can say with confidence that the decision to transfer here was among the best in my life." Caryn, Schilling '05, Caltech '09, University of Michigan '16 - "At Schilling I was able to take Calculus in 8th grade.  Throughout high school, the teachers in all my classes would answer my questions anytime.  I even worked in a Biology lab at the University of Cincinnati when one of my teachers, Dr. Strong, hired me for the summer.  Having the opportunity to work in a lab in high school helped me later on, when applying to college, and gave me confidence in my abilities."   What our parents say... "For exceptionally bright kids, it makes a difference to find a school that's a good fit. The Schilling School has been a great fit for my son." "The Schilling School has been a blessing to my family. The education the children receive truly enhances their lives in more ways than one can count. They learn robotics, martial arts, a multitude of languages, and fine arts just to name a few. I believe the real gift Schilling offers is a love of education. My children come home smiling almost every day, and I can't imagine any other learning facility offering nearly as much support, nurturing, and understanding. It's a place where the teachers can reach out to each student and help them on their journey. I couldn't possibly imagine my children learning and growing anywhere else. Thank you so much!!!"   What does our faculty think? By Dr. Douglas Frank, Math-Science Department Chair The Schilling School experience is more than superior education for some of the finest young minds in the country.  It is more than a customized, advanced curriculum, taught by gifted faculty.  Schilling is a community of gifted minds, cultivating a healthy environment for brilliant young minds to flourish, for gifted instructors to teach, for gifted leaders to administer, and for gifted families to engage.  I am proud to be part of this community. We've been at this for two decades now, so we're beginning to witness the longer-term fruits of our labor.  One alum designs security for the national government.  Another steers our global satellite network.  Another is earning her doctorate in astrophysics.  Another writes some of the software that runs on your smart phone.  It is rewarding to see our family members thriving, and they often visit.  Some of our alums have returned to the area with their families, and plan for their children to attend Schilling.  My sons attend Schilling.  Last year, my eldest won the Ohio Young Naturalist Award at the State Science Fair.  Of course, I'm proud, but so is the Schilling community. Speaking of community, can you image what a PTO is like when gifted parents run it?  You should attend one of our open houses, or the talent show, or one of the school parties they organize.  And birthday parties, and carpools, and play dates, and....the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Gifted education is not about passing tests.  These beautiful young minds are the future world-changers.  It is a great delight and privilege to mentor them, and I continue to teach at Schilling because I love it.  I'm passionate about gifted young minds, and I'm changing the world one student at a time.   Middle and Upper School Testimonials Lower School Testimonials PDF